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Match Preview

The final game of the season at Bedford Terrace and Alnwick Town are the visitors. The Northumberland side look all but relegated after letting slip a two goal lead on Monday night against Ryton & Crawcrook Albion. Sadly, we will lose Alnwick to the Northern Alliance League unless Newcastle University or Birtley Town fail to take up promotion etc. For Town, it’s another chance to end the season on a high after four impressive results in a row. A win, in all probability will see Town finish in ninth position in the league table.

For the last time this season, I caught up with James Hunter to give his views on the match ahead and on his first season in charge which incidentally, began with a 3-1 win at St James Park, back in November. Jama has taken the time out to write an extended piece which was much appreciated. Cheers fella!



Only people missing this weekend are Reece Kenney and Jake Fenton. A special mention to them both for their efforts throughout the season and especially Reece for his outstanding run of games in the centre of the park of late.


So Saturday we take on Alnwick who much like us are unlikely to move places from now until the end of the season. They will still put in a good account of themselves as they usually do so I won’t be taking this game lightly. Last time we played Alnwick was my first game in charge and we were 1-0 down in the first half so we know they can cause problems when they are on form. Saying this, we have just got the squad back together and have been putting in some stronger results of late so I would like to think we can go out and play some quality football as it’s the least the fans deserve after their relentless support of late. We are likely to see possibly the strongest back 4 on paper I have ever had the luxury of putting out, it’s just sods law it’s the last game of the season!


My thoughts looking back on the game are positive ones, we didn’t really allow a team which had scored 5 and conceded 0 against Northallerton and Whickham in the same week previous to get comfortable at all. I would say we dominated possession and created far more chances throughout however not as many clear cut as I would have liked. We never really looked like conceding and a 1-0 could have been 2 or 3 and I wouldn’t have been surprised. Maybe this is somewhere we need to improve in order to get more goals in games where we do dominate, but again after the run we had been on just weeks before maybe a bit of apprehension is still there in some of the players however this is gradually getting less and less. There are a number of players I could say had great games but the thing that made me most happy about this game is that there were players coming up to me and asking ‘why am I not playing?’, which is really good to see in my eyes especially when they take it on the chin. The second thing I was really happy about is how together the team feels especially on the bench, boys who aren’t playing still showing the same enthusiasm on the bench and when the goal went it celebrating as if it were their own. I expect more of the same this Saturday.


I don’t think anybody a year ago would have imagined that I would be in charge at Billingham Town including myself. It wasn’t under the best circumstances we all know that but I would like to think I have put forward a decent account of myself. I have learnt an awful lot and I know it will stand me in good stead for the future in many aspects. It hasn’t all gone to plan, we still aren’t playing football how I would like to ideally but that is me learning the league and knowing what is possible on what pitch at what time in the season, all of these things are massive factors.

Something which I would like to comment on was ‘the bad run’, I know teams at all levels go through them and in our case it was 7 games of hell and in particular for myself and Harry a lot of sleepless nights. In all honesty after beating Jarrow 6-1 at home I looked at the next 6/7 games and couldn’t perceive that we would ever drop as many points as what we did, and for that I do apologise to the fans and club as the run of results was just unacceptable and may have cost us the chance of being involved higher up the league now. I have thought about this a lot and of course things like player availability and recruitment come into it as well as effort from the boys on the pitch but I know that ultimately this all comes down to me and I know how I would do things differently now. In terms of Billingham town it was a nightmare but for myself and growing as a manager/coach I know it will do me well to have to gone through something like that this early in my career.

This past 7 months have been full of ups and downs, but trust me when I say I have loved every minute of it. I hope that I have brought the fans some joy and excitement throughout the season as it’s the least they have deserved!


First of all obviously thanks to Harry Peta and Dorch as they have all been immense throughout the season and have put in so much. A massive thankyou to John Connor as he has been relentless, not many people realise the time this man puts in but he is a top top man and it hasn’t gone unappreciated. Thank you to the club for sticking by me, I know it can be seen by some people as a gamble to put and keep me in place but Beds and Baz have offered me support throughout the whole season which has been priceless.

Lastly thankyou to the boys who have eventually made this team a really strong group, a lot of players would have bailed earlier in the season when things got tough but respect to you all for sticking by myself and the club. I know that myself, Harry, Peta and Dorch have the passion, knowledge and capability to build a great squad at Town that can challenge at the top.

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