As a result of recent divisive and speculative uninformed comments on social media by a minority of people which the majority of supporters will agree are not helpful to the Club we deem it important to clarify the current situation.


As you know John had to step down from his role at the club due to circumstances totally out of his control. John is hoping his situation will improve over the forthcoming months.  Regardless John has still been working very hard behind the scenes to resolve the situation with the mains connection and the new floodlights. The new mains connection has now been completed, but we are still waiting for Northern Grid to isolate the old system.  John has had numerous meetings with Abacus(Floodlight Company) due to delays on their part, but work has now commenced on the Floodlights from yesterday(19th October) and hopefully that work will be completed by the end of the week. The  Club is eternally  grateful for all the hard work done by John under very difficult circumstances over the past months.  We have been unable to use the old lights(as suggested) as the ballast and some of the capacitors on two of the floodlight towers failed making them inoperative. 


On a point of clarification we can emphasise that the Policy of the Club is and will always be, that children under the age of 16 will be allowed into the ground free of charge. That policy has never changed, neither was it intended to change it, to suggest otherwise is totally wrong and uninformed speculation.


Under normal circumstances we would not respond to ill-informed disruptive comments made by a minority of people on social media however we feel the majority of supporters should know that these comments are disruptive and not conducive in taking this Club forward.


In addition as a Club we will always be professional and will never make adverse malicious personal comments about individuals.. Singling out individuals is not a policy of this Club.


As you recall a new communication strategy was developed for the Club and important relevant information will be made available to supporters either via our web site and social media at appropriate times.  In addition a member of the board will always be available at games to discuss any issues supporters may have in particular around the current status of the Club and the way forward. 


There has been some uninformed speculation about the Clubs finances which again are totally false.  The Budgets for the first team remains the same as it was agreed with the previous board. The board will always protect the club’s financial position.  As you will appreciate due to the current difficulties with Covid-19 guidelines there has obviously been a decrease in revenue for the Club(but this is happening with all clubs), but the Board are working hard behind the scenes to bring in extra revenue and sponsorship for the Club. 


The football side of the Club are working tirelessly with players who want to play and represent this club,  along with integrating the youth teams currently set up at the club..  As outlined at the last supporters meeting we are in the process of rebuilding the first team which is going to take time and patience will be required. We are also really pleased that in the last few weeks  five supporters have volunteered for match day duties( some are season ticket holders)  and one person is being brought on to the committee in the near future who has a life long association with the club  through her father. The season ticket sales have increased recently past the 55 mark, and  club merchandise has been reordered from our suppliers to cater for demand .


The board are working very hard to take this Club forward in very challenging times on and off the pitch and we would like to thank the majority of supporters who have written to the Club and spoke to us personally offering support and understanding. We will keep you updated of developing issues and a big thank you to all the fans which we still identify as the best in the league and area, by sticking together we will take this fantastic club forward.

The Directors  and committee BTFC

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