Following our last update regarding the floodlight situation, we anticipated that the work would be completed by 23rd October 20.  Unfortunately the engineers have found there is a problem with the main head frames at the top of all the four towers.  They have stated that the towers themselves are structurally sound and were aware of the situation relating to one of the towers requiring remedial work, however they have stated that all four towers head-frames need to be strengthened so they can safely fully support the new lights.  Their structural engineer has assessed the problem and is working to a cost effective solution  which will result in the manufacture of some new steel streets to strengthen the main head-frames.  This unexpected situation is totally out of the control of the Club.   The company are aware of the difficulties faced by the Club in rearranging fixtures and they have assured us they will treat this as a priority and will endeavour to rectify the situation as soon as they can.  Further progress updates will follow.

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