"As you recall when our floodlights failed it became apparent( apart from the technical issues with the floodlights) that our current electrical system was overloading and we needed to apply for a load increase to to the Northern Grid to rectify the problem.

"Following my submission to the Football Foundation (FF) for a grant to renew our mains connections service, I am very pleased to tell you the application was successful.

"I received confirmation from the FF on Tuesday 21st April that our grant had been approved and we will receive up to a maximum of £20,000. The remainder of the costs will be paid by the Club as the FF only fund up to 70% of the total costs.

"The costs include the new cable/power supply supplied from Northern Grid, excavation to lay the new cable, a building of a new hide to house the electrical components and metering and also the electrical work to isolate the old system and connect the new.

"Due to the current national situation concerning Covid19, National Grid have informed me that any work will not be able to take place until about 12 weeks time which will take us into July.  Hopefully if all goes well the new mains service should be in place prior to the start of the new season(whenever that will be?) I will be coordinating the work along with our electrical contractor.

"I submitted a further bid to Suez Community Trust for funding to upgrade the floodlights, and I am awaiting the outcome of that bid which will be determined at their next trust meeting.  I have been informed we should know the result of their decision by the 20th May.  Obviously getting funding for the mains connection service strengthens our chances with Suez Community Trust. I have informed them of that result.

"Unfortunately although the bids were submitted sometime ago it has been a slow process in administering the bids from the respective grant funders due to the Covid19 situation. 

"I will keep you updated of all future progress.  Stay safe."

- John Tough